The Adam Real Estate Company

Adam Real Estate is a private Canadian company engaging primarily in real estate development and asset management in the National Capital Region of Canada. The company drives its strength from its 30 years’ experience in real estate, the quality of its dedicated team members, and the long-standing relationships it enjoys with its clients and the key real estate players in the region.

With more than 400 employees through its subsidiaries and affiliates, Adam Real Estate owns a portfolio of commercial and residential buildings across the National Capital Region, and an inventory of strategically located lands on which will be developed more than 2000 residential units and one million square feet of commercial space.

Throughout the years, the company is proud to have actively participated in public and institutional development projects, such as La Maison de la Culture, a landmark visual arts and performing center in the city Gatineau that also holds an exhibition gallery and the city library.

What We Do

Adam Real Estate is renowned for its real estate development and asset management capabilities in Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding communities. We get to know our clients and develop strong connections with them in the lead-up to a project, ensuring results that leave a lasting impression and continue to wow.

people around a table drafting up plans


From that first sketch to developing a comprehensive concept, budgeting, sourcing and more, we leave nothing to chance and take pride in every milestone. Adam Real Estate is home to creatives deeply passionate about making their mark while ensuring practical, highly effective solutions that meet client needs and wants.

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Each weld, rivet, joint, and brushstroke impacts the overall results we deliver to our clients. Therefore, the construction phase of our work is handled with attentiveness with the most trusted, reputable, dependable, certified, and quality-driven professionals. In addition, we prioritize an environmentally-conscious and sustainable series of processes to ensure as little of an impact on the world around us as possible – now and in the future. In that sense, we offer clients a complete lifestyle experience overhaul with more modern, appropriate, and eco-friendly surroundings.

apartment buildings

Asset Management

From initial consultations and those first sketches to move-in day and managing tenants, Adam Real Estate is with you every step of the way. Our asset management services know no bounds, harnessing decades of collective experience in planning, construction, and day-to-day operations managerial tasks. When issues arise, we resolve them with professional decorum, proactivity, data-driven decisions, and a focus on the needs of tenants and owners.


23 October 2019
Mobile Klinik: réparer pour mieux conserver
Mobile Klinik répare des cellulaires. Beaucoup de cellulaires. En trois ans, l’entreprise gatinoise a connu une croissance de revenus de 3200 %. Le mois dernier, elle s’est hissée au neuvième rang d’un palmarès réalisé par le magazine torontois Canadian Business sur les nouvelles entreprises canadiennes les plus prometteuses.
20 November 2019
Adam Real Estate is happy to welcome Maison Oddo !
We are happy to announce that Maison Oddo, a chic pastry by renowned chef Benjamin Oddo, will open at our Centre du Plateau at 260 St-Raymond Boulevard, in the Hull Sector.


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